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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is the replacement of bone that has been destroyed by gum disease or an abscess. Bone is necessary to maintain the long-term stability of the implant as well as the gum. Both of these are vital for cosmetic appeal. Bone that is grafted can be taken from many sites in the mouth or it can be synthetic bone derived from cows. This is a bone mineral only and it is completely safe.

It is not always possible to predict whether a bone graft is necessary and it may be determined at the time of surgery. Should there not be enough bone available to stabilize the implant, the bone graft will have to be done on its own. In such a case the site will be left for up to 6 months for healing before the implant can be placed. It is important to keep an area of bone grafting clean and not to smoke as this will increase the risk of infection, poor wound healing and possible failure.